Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breastfeeding is still the best for babies by Dahlia (Daphne) Iking

I am a failure! These four words kept playing in my mind when I made the decision to switch to formula instead of sticking to breastmilk seven weeks after the birth of my firstborn.

When I told my mummy friends this, the wagging of their fingers began without them really trying to explain how I could benefit. Perhaps if someone had shown some understanding then, I might have listened more.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy, I am now more aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. In fact, the goodness of providing breast milk is so established that the World Health Organisation says all babies should be exclusively breastfed for at least sis months. Breast milk is believed to be packed with all the nutrients your baby needs during these months, as well as antibodies so he or she can better fight off infection.

It also prepares the baby for a healthy life. Research shows that adults who were breastfed have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as some protection against being overweight and developing Type 2 diabetes.

Mothers benefit from breastfeeding, too. It reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancers, as well as being a natural aid to getting back to the mother’s pre-pregnancy weight and trust me, after a few months of not seeing your own toes while standing up, you’d be more than delighted to lose the extra pounds gained as soon as possible!

And good news for those who are frugal — breastfeeding costs nothing and can help develop that mother and baby bond. And hey, traveling is so much easier when you are breastfeeding. Just whip out God’s gifts — and voila — instant milk at just the right temperature, so there is no need to lug around luggage for bottles and stuff.

So with all the pros, why then, is the rate of breastfeeding still quite low in some parts of the world, even in Malaysia?

Back then, I don’t think formula milk was readily accessible as it is today. I am pretty sure Eve had only her mammary glands to offer Cain as his source of food instead of a tin of milk in the Garden of Eden. So breastfeeding should be a natural process, right? Well, not exactly.

Though nursing does come naturally, it comes naturally a little later for some mothers and babies than for others. Sometimes, there are physical factors like engorged breasts and sore nipples that foil those first attempts; at other times it’s just a simple lack of experience on the part of both participants.

I was the epitome of this malady. There was fumbling and bungled efforts and tears from both Isobel and I. I gave up and switched to cow’s milk.

This is not the only reason why some mothers retire from breastfeeding before the six-month mark. Some find it cumbersome to breastfeed once they start work a month or two after confinement. There is the need for pumping during the baby’s ‘feeding time’ to ensure the breasts are stimulated for a constant supply of milk. This gets harder if the mother has a hectic job and worst, no condusive spot to pump or breastfeed.

Aishah Sinclair, TV host and mother to one-year-old Soraya is frustrated with the lack of baby friendly care rooms in public areas.

“I hate it that in Malaysia, they don’t have nursing rooms especially in malls. In Jakarta, most malls have a nursing room on every level!”

Actress and founder of Dynas Nursing Attire (DnA), Dynas Mokthar searched high and low for a place to breastfeed her daughter in a mall one day, and settled for a surau. She was unceremoniously chased out. This also happened on a public bench at a shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur even though she had a poncho on top of the baby.

“We are encouraged to breastfeed as it’s not just good for mother and baby, but in my religion, mothers receive pahala for breastfeeding. It’s frustrating that there are not enough public facilities or areas for favorable feeding and pumping.”

Sazzy Falak, celebrity newbie mum to twins Imaan and Tiara agrees with both Aishah and Dynas.

“Breastfeeding requires a comfortable, quiet location. I find it disturbing that the nursing rooms are inside toilets that are quite often smelly, dirty and cold.”

I went to check out a few popular malls in the Klang Valley to see how true this was — and sadly, my celeb friends were right.

I am surprised that although breastfeeding is given the thumbs up — the act of breastfeeding in public is frowned upon in some cases. I recall a mother scowling at me when I first breastfed Isobel in public (mind you, breast and baby were covered under a nursing shawl) and scowling mum said to her son, “Ish! Tengkok nak… tak senonah nak menyusu dikhayalak ramai!” (See son… how disgusting that she is breastfeeding in public!)

Unfortunately, despite knowing the benefits of breastfeeding, the rates are not going to change overnight, particularly in deprived places. Hence the important need for breastfeeding in public to be accepted with the proper amenities provided. Working mothers should also be granted flexibility from the workforce to allow them to express their milk accordingly.

It would also be great to have a stronger and more prominent breastfeeding support group here in Malaysia, too — to help mothers like myself to not give up on giving their child — the best nature has to offer.

* Daphne Iking is looking forward to breastfeeding her baby exclusively for at least a year. Email her your thoughts at

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you hubby!

Ibu sekarang berada di kampung Merapoh, Kuala Lipis, Pahang Darul Makmur. Setakat ni, setiap kali ibu bersalin, ibu mmg berpantang kat sini ngan Busu (adik abah yang paling bongsu). Busu la yg jaga Nurin, Hana n baby Umar. Ibu tak berpantang kat Muar (kpg mertua) sebab tak nak menyusahkan mak yg dah tak berapa kuat. Kesian pulak nak turun naik mandikan baby and masak utk Ibu. Mak ibu lak bekerja.... career a.k.a. working mom.. :) . tp alhamdulillah, sejak bersara dr LHDN, and skang keja waktu anjal ngan Pricewater house Coopers and Securities Commissions ni... mak amik cuti 3 minggu sempena hari raya and jaga Kakak Nurin and Kakak Hana...

Insyaallah, hujung minggu ni mak akan hantar kakak2 umar balik kampung since cuti dia nak abis,.. and ibu will be re-united with all my kids. Ayah pun suka la hantar ibu balik kampung.. hehehe, dpt dia concentrate ngan keja opis yg tak abis2 bawak masalah .. hehehe.. tengah2 ibu bersalin, bole dia dpt msg yg company dia top contributer downtime kat Perodua... apalagi.. nyaris mengamuk... nasib baik, pikiran dia still kat ibu yg tengah sakit bersalin.

:) selalunya bila ayah busy, utk elakkan ibu dr mengarut2 duk ckp 'ye la...tak layan ibu'..ayah pun suka la suprisekan ibu ngan hadiah ke bunga ke.. hahaha.. tp awal2 sebelum bagi hadiah dah pesan... abg busy yek bulan ni... mungkin pas 3 minggu baru ayah lawat ibu n anak2... hehehe... takpela.. dah terbiasa.

Alhamdulillah..ayah jaga makan ibu time ibu kat rumah sorg berpantang sementara tunggu Baby keluar hospital, buat itu buat ini... dalam busy2 settle kan umah, basuh, jemur and lipat kain... , sempat jugak ayah pegi shopping beli hadiah utk ibu...

dalam masa yg sama, kawan baik ayah pun hadiahkan ibu hadiah sempena raya... setiap tahun raya, sejak ibu kahwin ngan ayah 5 tahun lepas, tiap2 tahun ibu dpt set pinggan mangkuk Correlle atau Corningware. tp tahun ni, dia hadiahkan handbag utk ibu sempena raya... 'punya la jeles ayahnya... sebab dia kata kalau bagi pinggan, bole gak abang guna... ni bg handbag'.. hahaha.. pas tu bole lak dia kata... 'eh bag ni sama mcm yg abang beli utk yati waktu kat bangkok dulu... '.. hehhee mmgla bang, yang kat bangkok harga rm10..keras pun ye.. ibu buat simpan telekung je... yg ni ori..hahaha... lembut semacam leather je.. siap kat zip tak tulis 'YKK' mcm yg kat bangkok.. :)

tgk la beg kat bwh tu, mana tak ayah jeles... raya haji baru bole ibu melaram...ayah siap kata abis la beg-beg coach kat umah duk dlm kotak balik... :)

ni la beg yg kawan ayah bagi... :) senyum sampai ke telinga ibu.. nak harapkan beli sendiri, jgn harapla nak membazir.. masuk outlet2 dia pun tak sanggup.. (ibu bukan dato'ct nak beli brand ni)

ni gelang ayah bagi ibu... :) (rasanya sebab dia seronok sgt dpt baby lelaki yg ditunggu2)

ni la Ipad2 baru ibu... hehehe, ayah kata kesian ibu tak dpt guna Ipad ibu...asyik kena conquer ngan kakak Nurin tgk Barbie and kakak Hana tgk Barney je... so.. ayah belikan ibu Ipad2 .. ganti Ipad lama ibu... :)

so... Thank you hubby darling kerana memanjakan and menjaga ibu... :)
This post is tribute to you...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 17....27 more to go

Dah hari ke 17..... Lagi 27 hari... Tamatlah hari berpantang... So far so good, alhamdulillah.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Rindu nya budak 2 ni,... Insyaallah hari Ahad, ibu dpt jumpa princesses ibu.. :)

Day 8

Assalamualaikum.... Dah masuk hari ke - 8 dah hari ni... tp baby belum keluar lagi dr NICU;
tapi alhamdulillah, doktor dah cabut Oxygen Support kat hidung and Tube minum dr perut baby.. At last, baby ibu bole move easily tanpa gangguan.. and menurut nurse, dia tido pun dah start nyenyak, kalau tak asyik nangis je nak cabut semua tube yg ada kat tangan, kaki, hidung and mulut dia..

Dan semalam alhamdulillah, pada pukul 4 ptg, doktor keluarkan dr incubator... tp ada kuning sket, so kena duduk bawah UV lak.. :(

Yea... dah takde oxygen support kat hidung...

I can suck my fingers now... yummy..

Ibu,.. I'm out from the kotak... but kena jemur sket... :)

So... ni dah masuk 8 hari (tolak 4 hari ibu kena tahan kat hospital); keja ibu kat umah duk pump susu je utk baby ibu... ayah lak kena hantar susu 2 kali sehari kat Tropicana Medical Centre nak make sure supply baby cukup... alhamdulillah, supply makin hari makin bertambah mula dengan sikit je kat hospital,.. sampai la hari ke 8 kat umah.

stok dah increase... alhamdulillah

non stop pumping using Spectra.. promo lak

pelan-pelan stok bertambah... syukur. dpt baby zat susu ibu

stok waktu first balik umah... bole la...

stok kat hospital... almaklumlah ... baru-baru.. dah la takde baby nak stimulate.. :(

So... sekarang boleh la ibu umumkan nama adik kepada Nurin & Hana... :) Introducing Baby 'UMAR DANISH Bin MOHD NIZAM'. Ayah finally daftar kat JPN Kota Damansara semalam.. so it is finalized... Ibu doakan agar Umar jadi anak yg soleh, sihat dan dapat membantu ibu and ayah di hari tua kelak... Insyaallah... :) Amin.

Semoga cepat sihat ye Umar... Ibu tak dpt lagi nak dakap Umar.. harap2 secepat mungkin... :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pray for my son....

Assalamualaikum... dah lama betul tak update blog... busy ngan anak2 + tak larat dengan 3rd pregnancy asyik sakit je..

Untuk makluman, Ibu dah selamat melahirkan baby boy (Alhamdulillah) pada 26hb Ramadhan 2011 bersamaan 26hb August 2011 baru-baru ni...pada jam 7.30am secara pembedahan LAGI di Putra Medical Centre. Sepatutnya bersalin selepas raya... tp disebabkan ada premature contraction, ibu terpaksa bersalin awal seminggu... :(

Alhamdulillah, ibu beransur sihat... tp sakit sebab pembedahan tu mmg ada... tp ibu terpaksa la tanggung sebab nak anak2 sihat...

Untuk makluman, ibu tak dpt dukung lagi anak ibu ni... sebab pada jam 5 ptg hari yg sama Ibu deliver, baby terpaksa dipindahkan ke NICU Tropicana Medical Centre disebabkan masalah pernafasan... :( ni dah masuk hari ke-7 baby kat situ, ibu baru 2 kali lawat dia... itupun dpt sentuh sket2 je... sebab baby dlm ventilator and incubator... sedih hati ibu. Kakak-kakak dia, Nurin and Hana ... dan di bawa pulang ke kampung oleh Atuk and Wan utk sambut Hari Raya. Lagi sedih hati Ibu... berdua di rumah sahaja sempena Syawal tahun ni... anak di kampung, dan anak di hospital... tp ibu kena bersabar sebab tak elok ibu baru bersalin asyik sedih kan...
Doakan anak ibu sihat yek... ibu sedih tgk tube2 masuk badan... keja ibu kat umah duk pump breastmilk je nak pastikan baby ibu dpt khasiat yg sepatutnya walaupun tak sihat... setiap kali ibu lawat dia, ibu nangis... tp alhamdulillah doktor kata progress baby bertambah baik... hari ni insyallah doktor akan putuskan oxygen support nak ajar dia bernafas dengan sendiri secara ryhtmatic... doakan anak ibu mempunyai daya ketahanan yg tinggi... Insyaallah...

Nanti ibu post beberapa gambar baby ibu sebelum transfer and condition sekarang... and juga gambar kakak-kakak dia beraya yg dihantar melalui MMS oleh atuk diaorg...

Baby current condition... :( sedih hati ibu tengok

Baby hari ke 3 di NICU

Baby 1st day... waktu nak transfer ke TMC

Baby waktu transfer... masuk dlm bilik wad ibu... tp ibu tak bole sentuh... :(
Baby waktu lahir... :) my son...

Kakak Nurin and kakak Hana di Hari Raya ke-2

Kakak Nurin and Kakak Hana dengan Atuk dan Wan di Hari Raya Pertama di Kpg Merapoh
Hana takut mercun di malam raya... :) comel kan bersumbat tisu telinganya
Kak long pun takut jugak... muka sedih je
Kakak in matching outfits.... pada hari melemang... :) rindu ibu kat puteri-puteri ibu ni..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jalan - Jalan Cari Makan Ibu!

2hb April baru - baru ni... family Pak Su budak2 ni ajak makan sama-sama sempena meraikan Pak Su dapat bonus dari Celcom... :) so, memandangkan kami ni jenis tak suka jalan jauh2, Mak Su suggest kami pergi Cafe De'Manggis kat Kuang... Cafe ni menyediakan steamboat, barbeque and pakej ala-carte and set dinner.. Environment not bad, ada live band menyanyi... pilihan steamboat campur ice-cream, and kuih-muih. Ada juga ala-carte, pilihan ikan bakar... so, kami amik set steamboat n barbeque utk 4 dewasa... dan budak2 kami order ala-carte.. nasi ayam and nasi goreng cina... kami tambah gak 3 ekor ikan cencaru bakar utk puaskan hati ibu yg suka makan ikan bakar... ;) mmg sedap aa ikan bakar dia... cicah lak ngan sambal kicap, isk superb...
Alhamdulillah, not bad la servis makanan... harga pun berpatutan rm 20/sekepala utk steamboat and barbeque.
tu je la... tak tau nak citer apa dah... enjoy the photos...
sambal kicap... pedas n sedap
environment sekitar... budak2 kecik ni berlari tgk pilihan ikan
ikan bakar cencaru... sambal atas ikan tu sedap!
Mak Su, Harith and Abg Iman
Steamnboat tomyam and barbeque
Ayam dari set Nasi ayam... sedap gak sos kicap dia...
Adik asyik makan nasi ayam... kakak as usual ngan kerenah dia
Pak Su melayan Hanis and Hadee terbalik kan daging barbeque
Si kecik 2 org yg notty... !
;) the end~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Assalamualaikum.... time for blog update. Seperti yg dijanjikan, ibu punya post kali ini ialah berkenaan umrah yg ibu dan ayah buat baru-baru ni... ibu post byk photos... (tp turutan semua terbalik... hehehe, malas nak adjust... gambar yg first last day...gambar yg last first day)... tp tak kisah la... :)

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya ibu berjaya menjejakkan kaki ke tanah suci Mekah dan Madinah utk pertama kali... (ayah dah masuk kali ke-3). Ibu rasa seronok sgt, banyak kenangan manis... peristiwa-peristiwa menarik yang insyaallah akan jadi ingatan ibu sampai bila-bila.

Oleh kerana ibu pregnant, doktor tak galakkan ibu buat lebih dari 3 kali umrah... tp kalau sihat, bole buat lebih.... tp ibu ikut nasihat doktor, ibu buat 3 kali, alhamdulillah... dan buat jugak tawaf sunat... Ibu juga bersyukur sgt diberi peluang betul-betul berdiri depan pintu Kaabah (ayah pun tak dpt)... Pengawal Kaabah tetiba bila ibu tengah tawaf dalam kesesakan ramai panggil ibu "hajjah..hajjah, masuk"... (utk makluman, mmg diaorg dah terer semua bahasa tgk kaum yg dtg.. sebab mmg ramai dah yg diaorg jumpa)... so ibu dpt masuk ke kawasan dpn pintu Kaabah... betul-betul tepi Hajar Aswad.. Oleh kerana first time, ibu tgk dpn pintu Kaabah, takde org.... tp dkt area Hajar Aswad, masyaallah ramainya... sampai panjat2 atas org... so ibu tak berani nak pegi cium Batu Hajar Aswad tu takut kena hempap.... tapi ayah kata (lepas ibu jumpa ayah balik) ... rugi ibu tak mintak ngan pengawal tu.... sebab selalunya kalau pengawal tu panggil masuk... tu rezeki... kalau mintak nak pegi kat Hajar Aswad tu, insyaallah pengawal tu akan tolak semua lelaki yg ada kat situ n bagi perempuan cium... mana la ibu tau... ingatkan dpt duduk depan pintu Kaabah tu dah cukup bersyukur dah sebab hanya ibu kat situ waktu tu... ... Takpela, rezeki ibu mungkin takat tu je... insyaallah lain kali kalau ada rezeki, ibu akan dpt peluang lagi...

Ibu ada beberapa post beberapa gambar lagi.... ibu seronok sgt, sebab ayah bawak ibu naik business class... makanan non-stop asyik hidang je... :) duduk pun hotel mengadap masjidil haram... tak sampai 5 min berjalan ke dua-dua masjid...

Ibu pun alhamdulillah dpt jumpa semua rakan-rakan Perodua yang pergi ke sana walaupun dalam kesesakan ramai... :) rezeki ibu ... (jumpa Darmawan QA, Kak Ila, adik dia, Kak Hapizah).... Ibu pun dapat jumpa Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and Dato' K... diaorg datang 5 hari Ibu takdela amik gambar diaorg... senyum, and diaorg senyum balik je... (almaklumlah, dia dtg nak beribadat.. sama mcm ibu... takkan ibu nak sibuk nak amik gambar lak..) Malek Noor pun ibu jumpa... :) seronok tgk ramai jemaah Malaysia yg pegi...

Okla, cukupla kut... yg lain walaupun byk lagi... biarlah disimpan utk kenangan ibu je... insyaallah, nanti ada rezeki utk kawan2 ibu yg baca blog ini utk pegi... ibu dah daftar haji... insyaallah 2017... hehehe... kira umrah ni persediaan ibu la...

Enjoy the photo... walaupun tak teratur ... :)

Ibu dekat Airport Jeddah... pakai baju jubah beli kat sana.... bole pakai time sarat nanti :)

di perkarangan masjid
ketika ziarah jabal rahmah...

Ibu n unta

ibu n burung2 yang memang byk dpn masjidil haram

Ibu with Kebab (makanan fav ayah)

dari bilik hotel ibu... mengadap masjid... betul2 dpn pintu istana raja saudi

bilik hotel ibu

Tv hotel meridien tayang live broadcast dr Kaabah... so ibu tau bila ramai org and bila kurg... bila kurg, ibu ngan ayah siap2 pegi tawaf ;)

Ibu dkt atas bukit penyerang berpanah ketika perang Uhud (tempat Sayidina Hamzah menemui ajal)

Ibu lagi...

Tapak Perang Uhud

Ibu and ayah dpn Masjid Quba

Ibu dpn Masjid Nabawi

Ayah dpn Masjid Nabawi

Ibu lagi...

Ibu jugak... :)

Pilot and co-pilot yang solat dlm kapal terbang dlm perjalanan pergi dr KLIA ke Madinah

Makanan2 business class

makanan lagi...


Ibu dlm flight...

Ibu sebelum pegi... perasan kiut... :)

hehehe..... okla... take care semua... sehingga bertemu lagi di lain post