Saturday, May 24, 2008

my so called 'House' experience...............

Yesterday, we (me, hubby and nurin) went to Damansara Specialist AGAIN.... for my appointment. It has been two weeks since my knee injury, and since i still had trouble straightening my leg (without pain) , my doctor suggested that i went for MRI scan.

so...we agreed, and there i was , waiting for my queue for the very 'canggih' machine to scan my knee. Since my appointment for the MRI was at 12.30noon, hubby had to leave me there for friday prayers, and brought nurin back to grandpa's house in d'sara..(Mak su had to baby-sit Nurin....). Hubby was a bit worried to leave me alone there, so he called my mummy dearest, and she willingly came from her office to accompany me .

Before this, i thought MRI scan is only to scan tumor alone...huhuhu..(ni la ak
ibat suka sangat tengok HOUSE and Grey's Anatomy). When it came to my turn, i was pushed by the lab assistant (i was on the wheelchair by the way), and mummy dearest waited outside with my belongings.... Then i was to changed my attire to a drappy coat and loose the jewels and was brought into a very cold and again a very 'canggih' room. The equipments was superb... buatan SIEMENS lagi... (sebijik macam gambar ni). I had to lay done...(macam citer HOUSE), the assistant gave me a buzzer (if there is any emergency), and a headphone (it will be very noisy...according to the girl). Lagu sentimental abis...tapi the 'girl' said, it will be so noisy that i won't be hearing any songs... Then she went out...and inform thru' the speaker, that it will start in 2 minutes time and i were not to move a single muscle of my leg or the procedure will take longer than 20 mins (According to the girl again, a 'pakcik' before me took nearly more than 1 hour just because he cannot lie still on the table). The table then moved into the chamber ....hehehe with me on it, and in 2 minutes, a loud sounds starts echoed in the room..

"Bang Bang Bang Bang" (interval every 12 seconds i think)
"Dum Dum Dum Dum"
"Tung Tung Tung Tung"
Bunyi brek kereta ada, bunyi tong ada....pendek kata macam2 bunyi laa mesin tu...kuat lak tu..
Dahlaa aku ni jakun...(wawawawa) terpusing2 kepala tengok keliling...(rasa macam patient dalam HOUSE lak)

I think my ears jadi a bit pedih la...because of the sounds... After nearly 20 minutes, the session completed, i went out and wait with my mummy for the results..After getting the results, dah laa tak paham Doctor Lab tu type apa, the mri scan lak macam baca buku komik yang tak paham...(I ni X-ray pun tak pandai tengok).

The MRIresult...(macam comic strip)

Then, my mum pushed me back to the ever charming Doctor Robert suite, and kena tunggu lagi... (waktu rehat solat jumaat lama jugak for Doctor bukan Islam...wawawa). The doctor came in around 3 pm, so he gave me my bad news which is severe torn at the medial meniscus ligamen and the good news is that tak payah operation....(because all the sendi is intact only the muscles that holds it torn), and another 2 weeks MC....(aiyoh...buruk rekod kerja tahun ni)...

Mummy had to rush back to office at that time, (she had a meeting at 4pm), so after leaving me at the pharmacy area, i was alone waiting for hubby , to pick me up (I felt helpless at first ...terkial2 tolak wheelchair...dengan barang2, and crutches lagi waktu nak bayar and amik ubat). Hubby came to pick me up quite late around 5pm, because after friday prayers, he had to go to the office to settle some work first. Nasib baik, pas amik ubat and bayar, a nurse saw me...and pushed me to the waiting area at the lobby. Takdela rasa terkial2 sgt. Waduh2....seharian di Damansara Specialist.

Oh..lupa ..another bad news for me........The bill was sooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive, menggeletar keluar credit card...RM1100...(baru satu hari...the scan itself RM900)..tulah, jakun lagi...kan dah terkejut beruk tengok bil..

The injured area (tak nampak pun...Doctor ni pandai btul)

The EXPENSIVE bill and the KARANGAN that the lab doc wrote..

Tu laa....lesson of the month....Lain kali hati2 angkat anak or angkat barang...kalau tak nak kena bayar banyak for medical expenses...Nasib baik Perodua cover RM6k per year per family member.... ;) harap2 dapat cepat laaa...dah sengkek ni.

Lesson of the day:
The MRI scan goes through the patient's body point by point, building a map of tissue types.

Ida...paham ke gambar MRI tu...? hehehehe...cepat cite kat kak yati..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

bad news!!

This is my second posts of the day...
the 1st one..of course a good news for me...
however, i would like to also share some bad news ..

At first, i thought that my knee injury was already bad, however, i followed my hubby to Hospital Kuala Lumpur today, at 4.30 pm (in fact, i just reached home and had to open my notebook to share the story), to visit my ex-boss (during my work in Peps-Jv Rawang)...which is also my hubby's loyal employee since he started working. This column is for a friend of ours... Saiful Azhar who was admitted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for 1st Degree burned on his face (urghhh)...Can you imagine?.

Saiful Azhar or we called him Wak Kang...(hehehe...pure Jawa) was working at my hubby's office in Glenmarie Shah Alam on Tuesday evening... repairing/maintaining a machine, when suddenly the circuit exploded and burn his face. At first the worker's there brought him to SMC, and was told that they have no facilities for burned victims...So they transferred him to Hospital Kuala Lumpur by ambulance , and he was taken to the ICU. at first they called SJMC as well as Sunway Hospital but they were told that they are full and had to be wait-listed (WHAT!!. takkan ramai sangat org Malaysia terbakar atau melecur)...

So, today, he was out of the ICU, and was placed in the Wad Intensif Kebakaran... and we were able to visit him. I was a bit afraid to see him...(takut nak tengok muka dia....kesian pun ada...takut menangis kat dpn dia...), but gagahkan jugak... dengan bertongkat2 , i pun masuk la wad tu... This is intensive care only one person at a time can visit him...have to wear white colour coat, hospital slippers as well as to wash our hands at the allocated sink before entering his ward. By that time, there were 5 of his colleagues came visiting, and had to queue after me... Seeing that there are lots of visitors, his wife seek for the doctor's and nurses permission to bring his husband, our dear Wak Kang to meet us at the ward door instead of us going in one at a time...(Nak jimat masa melawat...almaklumlah, hospital kerajaan...waktu melawat is fixed... 4.30pm~7.30 pm only)

So, as i was halfway walking to the ward, i saw Wak Kang and his wife walking towards me, and said, he will be going to see all of us there by the ward door. What can i say,.. I was VERY shocked and felt VERY sad to see a once happy man, to be suffering such pain... He is still the happy man, smiling and stating thank you for those who came visiting him. I can only describe his face to be burn (black...with some skin peeling off...reddish...His face can be seen to be a bit watery...tak tau laa sama ada nanah atau air) eyelashes (kening, bulu mata and misai, janggut all gone)..and his eyes can only be open a bit... According to his wife, yesterday, he couldn't open his eyes at all. Ada ke patut, my hubby took pictures of him.. isk...i won't be putting his photo here in this blog..Kesian and sedih.

Instead of showing the pain he is enduring, he was so concerned to see me walking with crutches and knee braces. Sepatutnya, i yang tanya and menasihatkan dia to be strong and to really take care of himself, instead dia yang suruh i hati2 jalan. Hmm...he is still the same Wak Kang i know...the caring person that cares for others first before him. I was so relieved that her wife managed to transfer him to Damansara Specialist Centre for treatment ... at first HKL tak bagi...tanya macam2,...ada plastic surgeon ke?..ada intensive care ke?... Of course laa ada, cuma bayar mahal sket je la...even the doc kata kalau nak transfer DMC, then, diaorg tak jadi nak scrub (berus) his face....better DMC yang scrub...lembut sket.. kerajaan sendiri yg ckp, "kalau nurse sini buat...paham2 je laa"....(takutnya dengar....tapi it's reality...government hospital has the best facilities..but they have a lot of patient that they cannot entertain one specially...keja buat nak cpt je...). Like his wife told me, yesterday, waktu Wak kang cannot opened his eyes, he was struggling to go to the toilet...meraba2... as you know...Satu ward ada 4 org...and he had to meraba2 jalan ke toilet...luckily his wife came and pimpin him to the toilet...tapi malangnya...toilet penuh ada org... Bila his wife mintak permission nak ke toilet ward sebelah...bole nurse tu kata..."Bole tahan tak?" Ada ke tu dah laa sakit...nak jalan ke toilet susah...pastu suruh tahan ...........Geram nya ngan misi misi hospital kerajaan ni...(Patutlah, mak after delivering me at HKL, she swore not to give birth to my sisters at hospital kerajaan anymore...sebab pernah kena tengking by misi when i had jaundice after birth... that's why i'm the only one of the 4 siblings to be born at a government hospital.. the reason was, my parents had to cut cost, because the age difference between me and my bro was very close and they need to spend more on diapers, milk for us both...wawawa)

So..nasib baik laa Wak Kang dapat transfer ke DMC... Wishing him the best and may he recover as soon as possible..

Also heard another bad news early this morning 1am... that another ex-boss of mine passed away kerana 'kencing manis' . En Nik was 44 years old.. Allahyarham meninggalkan a wife and a daughter. Hubby went to ziarah pagi tadi ...and most of my colleagues from Perodua also visited him. He was not only my ex-boss in Shah Alam, he was also one of my vendor's in Perodua. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.....


David Cook WINS American Idol.......
enough said..........

Monday, May 19, 2008


The best show ever is going to end this Thursday...
(blah la akademi offense for those who are into it but AF is sooooooooooo lame and it 100% does not produce world-class superstar....)

I was hooked again in front of the TV yesterday to catch up the Season Marathon (macam la tak pernah tengok) for the American Idol latest season on Starworld....and i again and again salute David Cook and i knew i had to write something about him in this blog............

I had enough of those lovey mushy dooey pop ballads. No offense to David Archuletta...he has a good voice though ...but the world does not need additional pop ballads vocals.. ..(see where Rueben Studdard and Clay Aiken now.....not that very famous huh!!).... I was very excited to see people like Bo Bice or Daughtry joining American Idol previous seasons....although they loss to Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks respectively... but they prove that quality and brilliant artist like them can also dominate U.S top charts.....

So for this season, lets's hope that brilliant musician just like David Cook would win the competition this coming Thursday (live on Starworld)...and start cookin' , not only the American but also the world music industry...

His brilliant and brave entry like 'Always be my baby' by Mariah Carey; 'All i really need is you' by Neil Diamond as well as 'I don't want to miss a thing' by Aerosmith....proves that he is really...really talented. He can change pop ballads by Mariah Carey and country and old songs by Neil Diamond to a new hip and trendy if the songs were his, and like were written this year.... Like Randy Jackson always say......'If you can sing can sing anything'.
wohooooooo........ even Simon Cowell (huhuhu), acknowledged that he is a brave and talented person each week...

Well...i enclosed a link (shortcut) to some of his hits on American Idol...and i hope that you enjoy it as much as i do...

Let's hope that American's vote wisely this wednesday and put this man in a place that he deserve to be ( well...eventhough he looses...nothing will stop this gifted person and i know that we'll see more of him sooner than ever..).......Rock on dude............
-just me-

Saturday, May 17, 2008


went to see Dr. Robert of Damansara Specialist yesterday with abang...for my check-up..
there's some improvement on the knee..
still lots of ligamen fluids around the knee area...(looks like a water balloon)
still hurts at the three major knee muscles...
he said..i injured my knee really...really...really...bad...
if not getting better by the end of the undergo MRI scan...(weeeee...takutnya)
got lectured for not using the crutches most of the time..(kat umah kena marah ngan abang)
got another week mc..huhuhu
next check-up...on Friday..
hmm...what else...
oh...the knee will heal itself completely in 5~6 weeks....(warghhhh...lamanya)
ok..that's all...
resting now with my ice pack.....chow...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Malang tak berbau... :(

hmm...what more can i say...i am really unlucky this days... first, i got the 'cough' for 3 weeks, that resulted to minor infection in the lungs... then, on my 1st day to work after long time mc...i injured my knees..hmm..
it started yesterday morning during Nurin's drop-off at her nursery, around 7.30 am. After passing her school bag at her teacher, i walked over to the other side of the car, to pick up my girl. After lifting her up, as i was standing straight to close the vehicle's door, i suddenly heard snap, (sound of slip disc) and all of a sudden, i felt weak on my left knee, and i fall to the ground in a split second. Luckily, Nurin's teacher saw my face which shows full of pain all over it, that she rushed to me as i was collapsing to the ground and grab Nurin before i loose grip on her.

So there i was, crying my lungs out in pain...that i did not bother anyone who was passing by or dropping off their child there, and crying out loud. Kak Zila, (the owner/headmistress of the nursery), rushed to my aid, and help to straighten my leg, and 'picit-picit' sket. Apa lagi... the screams were getting louder, and the tears are flowing faster than ever.
Then came her neighbour, which is my 'kakak', kak Ila, and she decided to bring me to the clinic. As i reached there, i was put on a wheelchair, and brought straight to the X-ray...After X-ray, (still weeping by the way), the doctor said that he saw a tiny fracture, and was worried about it, and decided to pass/refer my case to Damansara specialist.
So than came my hubby (after getting a call from Kak Ila), came to the rescue....and drove me to Damansara Specialist emergency room. So, after attended by two very nice and professional doctor, i was brought again to the X-ray section, and my knee was X-ray again.
hmm... found that my 'meniscus ligamen' had tore a bit , and it resulted to a big lump (swollen)..huhuhu...the doc said that those type of injury usually happened to sportsmen a.k.a. football or rugby... hehehe... apa la...angkat anak pun macam main rugby..

Anyway, they wanted me to be admitted, but i chose to rest at home... and given MC for another 4 days... aiyoh..what a week... Then, i was transferred to the 'rehab' section, and was given ice pack treatment, a knee support and was taught to use crutches to ease my movement..huhuhu....Abah and Abg Long appeared suddenly at the rehab section ..hahaha...watching me walking like an 'OKU' person..and practising walking on the staircase......apa lagi..kena gelak la ngan usual
  • My abah was kind enough to push me around on the wheelchair at the hospital, while my hubby went to the pharmacy to pick my medicine..Thank you Abah
  • I then, called mummy dearest who is at Jordan by the way, after having lunch at the Damansara Specialist Cafetaria.. and the first thing that she said was...' are worse than me la...'. mother like daughter...accident prone... 'Ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi',....kui kui kui
Anyway, that's my story of the week..... how's yours?
OKU = Orang Kurang Upaya.....
P/S: The photos were all taken at Damansara Specialist Centre.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tribute to Mom.!!!

I know i'm late....I've been coughing for 2 weeks now, and it gets worse as the 'Mother's Day' weekend comes along... I had minor infection in the lungs due to long term coughing... i lost my voice from Thursday till Saturday... and now i had the flu... I've been on MC for 3 straight days now... and i look like a mess... The post that i wrote on 'My new look' was supposed to be published on Thursday itself, but since i was sick...i had to postponed it and just lay down and rest...i received a Mother's Day card from Nurin & Ayah at 8 am that Mother's Day morning, and it cheered me a little....Since my mom is celebrating her Mother's Day at Jordan with my two sis, Ida & Nana, i am unable to kiss her and wish her Happy Mother's Day as well as to treat her on this very special occasion... I know....everyday was supposed to be Mother's Day, but it just felt good to celebrate it when everyone is celebrating the weekend treating mother's on the very special day.

So here goes....for the best Mother that Allah had given to me.. Thank you for the love, education and strength that you have taught me all this years that made me who i am today.. I will always love you , and pray for your health. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings... I know that i'm not perfect daughter to you, but you are always perfect for me...

This is for my sunshine....Puan Hajjah Hasmah Binti Abdullah...

Kau begitu sempurna
Di mataku kau begitu indah
Kau membuat diriku akan selalu memujamu
Di setiap langkahku
Ku kanselalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa ku bayangkan
Hidupku tanpa cintamu
Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
tak kan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa
Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidup ku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayang engkau begitu sempurna .. sempurna
Kau genggam tanganku saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh kau bisikkan dan hapus semua sesalku
Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidup ku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayang engkau begitu sempurna ..

My new look !!!!

It's official now...

I'm the last of the Ibrahim's family to wear glasses... woohooo

heheh...i started to feel weird and had blur visions everytime i drove back from work with Nurin by my side lately, so to prevent any bad things from happening to us, i went to check my eyesights and found that i have 'silau' problems... heheheh..which means , i'll start to have blurry visions starting at 5pm everythere onwards...(not enough sunlight)... So there goes my reputation as the only one in the Ibrahim family not to have to wear glasses ever...hahaha..

so here it first new look...(just got my glasses)...i still look cute though...;)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My 1st Mother's Day gift ;)

I received a call last night from my sister-in-law, Mazwin saying that she wanted to drop by at the house to pass me some stuff. So when my hubby and I answered the door, there came my nephew, Iman Zulhaqim...carrying an artificial flower and dedicated 'Happy Mother's Day' to me.. I was stunned and speechless by the act.

According to Mazwin, they (her family) were out for dinner that night, that suddenly her eldest son, Iman requested some money from her to buy something. To her suprise, he bought two artificial flower, that he gave one to his mom, and a Mother's Day gift... I was touched by the act, and how thoughful for a Standard 2 child to bought a gift not only for his mum but for his aunt well..

Anyway, I would like to say Thank you again to my darling nephew, Iman for his kindness & thought..
and i would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers in the world...A Happy 'early' Mother's Day....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nurin Zahirah is a big girl now!!...Yippiee...

Time flies so fast, my princess had recently turned 1 year old last week, which is on the 1st of May...yippie...labour day...ibu ayah cuti, Atuk & her ever busy Wan also cuti..and the whole country also cuti, hehehe celebrating her birthday..Pandai ibu planning...heheheheh. Everybody was so excited, especially Atuk Nurin who kept talking 'tak lama lagi birthday Nurin'..(since March).I decided to throw a small and simple birthday party for her..My hubby agreed as long as i don't tire myself in the process and get mad if everything does not goes as planned...huhuhu as usual..
The food...hmm...sedap..

My hubby started to pump air in the balloon two nights before the Birthday celebration and i helped him hang in the morning although the party only starts at 4.00pm.Nurin was very very very excited seeing the decorations that she did not sleep since waking up at 8am that very morning. I was afraid that she would be not be in a good mood (sleepy & gloomy) that evening, so i forced her to sleep at 2pm. But she only managed to fall asleep at 2.45pm.. which means she will only have 1 hour to sleep and less that fifteen minutes to freshen up and get ready for the party...fuuhh..takut btul dia mengamuk tak cukup tido waktu birthday party...

The guests had already arrived when i managed to wake her up, and dress her in the red dress that i've bought a month ago. We had a few dresses that i've bought to choose from, and Abah & her Mak Su Nana wins majority in choosing the dress. Mummy dearest chose a striking pink gown for Nurin to wear instead. hmmph...takpe..maybe next time..(kalau muat lagi)..hehehehehe..semangat anak ibu ni..
Alhamdulillah...she was in a good mood... only in the beginning, she was looking around dengan muka masam..maybe pelik, ramai sangat org dtg umah dia that day..hehehe
The happy birthday girl

A week before the celebration, my hubby & I did some shopping for her birthday present at Toys R US, One Utama that we bought a cute mini 'princess' car for her to ride and play with. Alhamdulillah, she loves the mini car so much , instead of riding it, she push the car all around the house...hehehe...Naik la jugak kereta tu, tapi asyik undur ke belakang je...hehehe

Her presents...huhuhuhu..banyaknya

Nurin got herself plenty of presents. I invited only close relatives & friends on the occasion. One of the presents that excites her the most was the little pony rocker that Uncle Lee (Ayah's closest friends) bought. Adding to the suprise was, Nurin's uncle, her 'pak long' also brought her present that he bought at Australia during a business trip. hehehe...Jarang pak long beli barang untuk org lain..hmmm...(Ada udang sebalik mee ni kut..hehehe)

To summarize it all, it was a wonderful event that my family will always remember and cherish. Eventhough it was just a simple one but we really appreciate it and thank you all again for coming and even remembering our princess's birthday.

Thank you all...
Happy Birthday dearest princess...
Be a good girl now..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sneak Preview.....(on her birthday)

It's her 1st birthday...
Nurin Zahirah Mohd Nizam
1st May 2008

I feel so blessed...

Happy birthday sayang...may allah blessed you with all the love & joy in the world..

Ibu sayang Nurin...
Love always...

P/s: I will upload more photos and story for you later..mak der ida..hehehehe