Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~hot tv series~

My fav top ten of THINGS to WATCH on TV...voted by me alone, of course. ( I will not going to tag anyone..but feel free to vote for you fav's anytime)

1) CSI (Vegas, Miami, NYC) - Eight seasons and two spinoffs, i am still addicted and hooked to all of the series.
2) House - Crazy, lunatic, psycho yet very brilliant doctor who drives his teammate insane every single case.
3) Grey's Anatomy - From Mc Dreamy, Mc Steamy, Mc Nazi to Mc Donald, who can ever resist?
4) Gossip Girl - The last time students look this hot, was when i watched Beverly Hills 90210 which was longggg time ago.
5) Private Practice - Addison honey...just leave McDreamy and Mc Steamy behind ..doctors in Oceanside Wellness Group is far more attractive..
6) Ugly Betty - Bad hair-do, weird sense of fashion, blue colour braces and nerdy spectacles...is enough to make me hooked every tuesday.
7) Damages - The legendary Glenn Close is the epitome of evil in this twisted drama. Superb & brilliant acting..
8) Desperate Housewives - Gorgeous housewives in the suburb area. Each life are full with drama and lies. There's something to everyone!
9) America's Next Top Model - Catfights have never looked this good...MEOW!!!
10) Amazing Race - Exciting challenges sets in beautiful and historical places around the world...make me want to go to every single place instantly...

Next list?.... hmmm...check it out next time ...O:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to Work

Untuk makluman semua, today is my first day..back at work...after a longggggggggg 5 weeks medical leave.

Oh ...lupa nak citer...semlm pi fish spa... RM38 /45 mins... creepy..but best kena gigit ngan ikan..

Tu je...chow...(sambung buat medical claims)...bye ~xoxo~

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yeah !! It's his birthday....20th June 2008

Yeah Yeah !! It's her birthday...21st June 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeah !!!... It's our day.

IT'S A HAPPY DAY !!! hehehehe...enough said... Thank you all !!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Banyak betul post bulan June ni kan... almaklumlah, as i posted before, bulan June ni, bulan banyak function and banyak abis duit. I would like to share some good news today..a short one. I went for medical check-up early this morning at a clinic in Sungai Buloh. Sesungguhnya amatlah ramai manusia berbangsa Nepal , Myanmar dan Bangladesh di Malaysia ini... Penat tunggu queue. Anyway, itu bukan la berita yang ingin disampaikan dalam post ini. The good news is that i'm healthy..hehehe..takdelah, sebenarnya the reason for the medical check-up was untuk sambung belajar. ;) i've received the offer letter from UITM Shah Alam to further my studies in Master's in Engineering Management programme at the Institute of Graduate Studies. woohoo.. amik part time, the course will take 4 semesters to complete, and insyaallah sekiranya takde apa2 aral, i will be graduating in 2010. (Kak Yati grad dulu la dari Ida & Nana...jgn terkejut...Masters lagi). Nak pegi register hari Sabtu ni, 21 Jun (hehe..my birthday), dapat student ID ..dapat schedule...(teringat zaman muda2 remaja di Uniten dulu).. Wish me luck !! TaTa.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunway Rahman Putra 'Stepford' Wives

Since my knee injury and my 6 weeks medical leave, i've been so bored staying at home, that i had to improvise my daily schedule and become a Stepford Wife. Woohooo..i cleaned, i cooked, i organized, and i home-schooled my girl...yeah right. Biase laa ..perasan. Usually, during my working days, i sent Nurin to her Taska and picked her up in the evening, and by the time we reached home, it was already after 7pm, that i had to cook dinner for the family. So, it was sort-of a 'cincai' meal, (ikan goreng, sayur-air, sardin and sometimes drummet Ayamas). Well, since i had lots of free time, and my knee has improved/healed so much, that i did the usual house-wives job/task except for the mopping & vaccumming. hehe ..here are some of the items that i did while i'm at home ;)
I tried so many recipes over the 6 weeks; and this meal was the best : Sup Tulang ; Tauhu Sumbat and Sayur Campur... slurpp... I think my hubby had gained more weight this 6 weeks since i cooked variety (and also healthy meals) every single day. hehehe. nasib baik dia tak dpt idea lagi suruh jadi full-time housewives.

In the evening, i took Nurin to the playground for her evening walks. I drove there, since i hurt my knees climbing the steep road even though i'm using my magic tongkat...we made few friends there; i met more Stepford Wives and Nurin played happily with her new found friends...

As you can see, I also did some re-organizing my drawers and cabinets ... ;) (nampak sangat dah takde keje)


Nurin's closet...banyaknya baju; half of it tak penah pakai lagi... banyak baju yang her grandma bought during her overseas trip were mostly one size larger than her actual size. Bagus jugak, tahan lama....bole simpan untuk Hari Raya...

My 'Tupperware' closet...hehehe... as you know..i'm an authorized 'Tupperware' dealer.. So evertime i successfully sold and achieve my target monthly sales; i'm entitiled to get free gifts or entitled to buy a set of Tupperware for a very good and LOW price. I've used some of it and some are still in their plastic wrap. The colours are beautiful; aren't they?. Anyway, for anyone who is interested to buy the 'Tupperware' brand, feel free to browse through the latest catalogues which is in one of the links in this blog.. and contact me... No problem..

Hehehe...sempat lagi promosi... Anyway, that's what I did during my so-called free time.. A bit bored but enjoying every minute that i spend with the little one. Will start to work next week ...hopefully... CHow..Ta Ta..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom

Just got back from a weekend getaway at Saujana Hotel (where me and hubby did our wedding reception 2 years ago). Hubby received discounts so we decided to spend 2 days & 1 night there...sambil celebrate Father's Day. We had our Father's Day early dinner at Victoria Station, USJ..hmmm...superb. While we had our fabulous dinner, I browsed through the Father's Day special leaflet... and the wordings 'Pearls of Wisdom' catched my eye.. It was actually the 'many' sentences that we often or always hear from our fathers...Here are some of the sentences which you'll find it very TRUE!!


We don't need to call the plumber.I can fix it.How hard can it be?
You call that noise MUSIC?!!
What do i look like to you, BANK NEGARA?!!
Did someone just drop a BOMB into your room ?!!
Is that phone glued to your ear?
You're not going out wearing that, are you?
When i was at your age, I understood the value of money.

Father's may not show or express their love like mum does..But from the sentences, we know that he cares for our well-being, and that's how most father's show and express their love to us..

So... to my father and also grand-father, Haji Ibrahim Karim

and my loving husband, Mohd Nizam, who is the father to my girl...

I'm blessed to have you both in my and Nurin's life. You have been a GREAT DAD all this years and we love you always and forever. Thank you for always been there for us, through good and bad times.. .. We love you. (:

Monday, June 9, 2008

the Anniversary...

We celebrated our 2nd 'wedding' anniversary yesterday at the
Legend Hotel with our lil' gem yesterday.............yippie..
It was beautiful and it ruined my so-called diet... wawawa
Takpelah...satu hari je makan banyak..
the gifts: "Biarlah rahsia"
'Love being together this past two years..and hope it will last forever'


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The final goodbye !!!

Yesterday, i had to say my final goodbye... to my companion and buddy for two years..my Civic..
It was sort of my wedding gift from my hubby, he bought it a month before our wedding, and i've been using it since then.

Hubby decided to sell the car, and bought a 7-seater car instead for our family used. Since he bought that car for me to use, i can't say no, if he wants to sell it, can't i?

Anyway, i'll be driving my new car, Persona, that hubby asked me to buy for my own use to go to work..(i wanted Neo; as usual because i love 2 door vehicle soooo much) and hubby will be driving his company car to work, and the 7-seater car, will be our 'holiday' and 'travelling' car.
(Nasib baik beli kereta Proton... jimat sket minyak... almaklumlah, minyak naik 40%)

My blue 'Civic' next to the new Persona before being sold to the car dealer

So...special tribute to my good friend, Civic.... you've been loyal all this years, and a very good friend indeed.. Ibu & Nurin will cherish all our sweet memories (the tumpah ice-cream...the spilled milk as well the biscuits and chocolates stains on the seats on our way back from work & nursery) forever. Thank you for always being there for us...Miss ya already.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nurin's milestone...

Sempena Nurin berumur satu tahun dan satu bulan semalam, and since ibu still dalam status 'pengangguran' di rumah, so i created this post ...just for my girl... (sebab bosan pun ye jugak)

Baby's Name: Nurin Zahirah Binti Mohd Nizam
(ayah decide the minute he steps out from the house to register at JPN)
D.O.B/P.O.B : 1st May 2007 (00:28am) / Putra Medical Center
Weight at born : 3.3 kg ; NOW : 9.2 kg
Profession: Part Time Explorer ; Full Time : Buah Hati semua
Gigi : 8 batang (4 atas/4 bawah)
Rambut : Sikit & Jarang-jarang


- Berjalan (expert).
Her first steps was during her 11 months..

- Menari
(to every nursery rhymes songs.... siap joget tonggek2 bontot lagi)

(pantang dengar 'Twinkle2 little star+how i wonder what you are+.....mesti sambung 'apabede' world so high...hehehehe...bahasa bebudak)

- Memanjat tangga
(dah taknak panjat tangga style merangkak, nak langkah kaki macam org dewasa sambil pegang tiang...tapi still tak pandai...)

- Menyakat
(pantang tengok ayah sleeps on the couch; starts jerit 'Ayah', Ayah', 'Ayah')

- Bertepuk tangan
(sambil menari or if ayah/ibu nyanyi 'Tepuk Amai2' or 'If you're happy, and you know..' tapi kalau sebut clap your hands, pun pandai clap.)

- Salam
(hulur tangan and cium tangan..sambil cium buat bunyi 'auummm'..macam nak makan tangan)

-Baca doa
(pandai tadah tangan, and sapu muka bila ibu cakap amin ...kalau pas solat, duduk sebelah ibu waktu doa untuk amik)

- Sayang/Cium
(Rapatkan dahi / pipi when ibu cakap 'sayang ia'...cium guna dahi or pipi...kadang2 laga dahi kat hidung...sakit hidung ibu)

- Mandi
(dah tau..if time to mandi, will walk sambil pimpin tangan ibu to the bilik air..)

-Nak buang hingus if ada
( will make 'auumm' sounds if ibu puts her hands on her nose..konon2nya bunyi hingus keluar)

- Pandai cakap
[ BERT..(BIRD), bila tengok atas pokok, or frame ada gambar burung ; MAMAM untuk suruh ibu suap nasi cepat sket; NANAK untuk Tak Nak; NAK if she wants something ; JIJJAH for things she really wants; and BOOK for her book ]

- Buat expression / gaya…..
(kalau tanya mana kipas or lampu, pandang atas sambil tunjuk walaupun takde lampu and kipas; kalau tanya mana fish, will go to kolam ikan ayah and sebut pis pis pis; and kalau ibu sebut BAM..terus cari bantal and selimut, and baring mana2 dia nak.... kalau kat kedai, sebut je cat, mesti pandai cari bawah meja for cat)

- Main ngan gadgets a.k.a. remote and handphone (soft toys tak suka)

- Membuka drawer and almari

- Membuat panggilan (paling btul 'AYAH' ..kalau ibu..dia panggil...'Auuu' or 'Anee' isk isk...kalau 'Atuk' dia panggil 'AUkkkk')

- Nak jalan (pantang front door bukak, terus suruh pakaikan kasut and nak jalan keluar)

- Angkat tangan (Pantang bila panggil, "Sape Nurin Zahirah." )
- Menyelongkar purse ibu (suka keluarkan kad2 and then masukkan balik sesuka hati dia)

-Suka pegang duit (pantang ibu beli barang , mesti nak RM1)

- ‘Mengemas’

- Gi jalan2 ( ayah memang tensen....dapat isteri and anak suka jejalan..dari pregnant sampai laa skang)
- Suka tido dalam stroller + dalam keta (almaklumlah...konon2 berjalan)
- Makan (semua benda kalu boleh nak makan, esp. makanan orang dewasa)
Minuman kegemaran: Susu Nestle NAN
Makanan kegemaran: Apa je org lain makan.


Jumlah kasut setakat hari ni: 5 pasang (the fav one hilang sebelah kat kuantan...wawawa )
Jumlah topi: 4 (semua ibu beli kat Jaya Jusco)
Baju : Tak Terkira
Bilangan mainan: Banyak tak terhingga. majoriti hadiah birthday and gifts from Wan balik dari overseas
Buku dimiliki: 1 je...itu pun free dapat beli susu
CD kegemaran: lagu Twinkle2 little star


Negeri yang dah sampai setakat hari ini: Selangor, KL, Putrajaya, Johor, Pahang (Merapoh + Kuantan + Genting Highlands), Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan (Port Dickson);
Negara yang dah sampai (waktu dalam perut ibu) : Indonesia; Japan ; Korea


First 'bukak mata' : Hari pertama

First 'official' function : Hari Akikah & Cukur Jambul (Hari ke 40)

First meniarap : 4 bulan

First mengesot ke depan/belakang : 5 Bulan (tapi undur ke belakang)

First demam/fever : 6 bulan

First merangkak : 6 bulan

First tumbuh gigi : 6 bulan (2 gigi bawah tumbuh serentak)

First duduk without assistance : 6~7 bulan

First word: Ayah

First 'berdiri' sendiri : 10 months

First steps : 11 months

Cekap berjalan : 3 weeks before her 1st Birthday

will add as time goes by...sebab ibu tak ingat...wawawawa
Ibu ada tulis in one book on her progress but lupa letak kat mana. (:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's JuNe!!!

It's June already...

It's my wedding anniversary 'month'
It's my hubby's birthday 'month'
It's my birthday 'month'
It's Father's Day 'month'
It's my good friend (Jun Yee's & Azda's ) birthday 'month'
It's Nana's MYVI insurance and road tax due 'month'

wawawa..........banyak abis duit 'month'