Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trip to Thailand

Yeaaa....I'm back from my business trip...I miss my girl so much...more than she misses me,... ;) My hubby told me that she searched for me everytime she hears my voice on the loudspeaker phone...happy when she plays around with her toys, and suddenly cries for no reasons.. (Ayah dia kata rindu kat ibu laa tu bila nangis) .

Well, went to Thailand, on the 17th ~ 19th March 2008. Arrived in Suvarnabhummi Airport at 4pm, and took an airport coach to Pattaya. The journey took approximately 2 hours....We checked in at Sabai Resort ..which is beautiful...the scenery was breathtaking and the room was spacious and indeed exclusive..We even met few of our colleagues there who was there to confirm some jigs for one of our local vendors.

The famous Pattaya walking street.....see it carefully....

On our first day in goodness...totally CulTure are everywhere in the city. The city is full of 'pink colour' lights which marks the 'sex and bar' shops. From only 'European girls' to 'Local girls' and not to be miss...the 'nyah's' or the transexuals group....They were either half naked, wearing see-through clothes (hides nothing inside-naked in other words), walking around wearing g-strings only, while the co-workers, the guys handing over brochures and cool packages for subscribing them. Their target customers were the single male tourists.. They also attract the female tourists to watch the 'a-go-go a.k.a. the tiger show' performance. I was beyond speechless.. I was there on a business trip (group audit on potential vendors) with a group of men and i was quite embarassed as we walk pass by the famous 'Pattaya Walking Street' to catch our 'seafood' dinner.

Me at Sabai Resort in office attire before checking out

2nd day.....Checked out of the resort and off to work...went to audit one of Perodua's vendor in Rayong, Thailand. The journey took approximately one hour..The service and commitment of our vendor was superb... (biasalah...kami kan customer). I had Tempura Udon for lunch. (That is the food that i always ordered if i were to eat Japanese Food)...Then after lunch, we had Genba Visit (assembly line inspection), and then were served with the local cuisine...the famous Durian Chips & Sticky Rice with Mango as well as coffee... It was superb (Durian + Pulut + Mango + Kopi = hehehe pening)

The sweet temptations...Emmm sedapnya

Durian Chips that i bought as souvenirs on the way from Pattaya to Bangkok

At 4 pm... after we had said goodbye...and took some photos...we head back to Bangkok...Checked in at Tara Imperial Hotel, had steamboat dinner at Coca Suki restaurant (same outlet as the one in Bangsar Shopping mall and Subang Parade) and off to our shopping session at the famous Suan Lum Night Market.

Dinner at Coca Suki Restaurant

The night market was as big as Stadium Merdeka.. where hawkers/stalls selling imitation goods, souvenirs item, t-shirt as well as collectible items..

The imitation GUCCI bag that i bought at Suan Lum Market..hehehe..

Thought of buying Ida's & Nana's bag at the Market, however fails. Found this beautiful Dolce & Gabbana handbag but was too expensive for an imitation product. Bargained for 300 bahts but the hawker will only settle for 900baht which is equivalent to RM90.. No way man, i'm not gonna pay RM 90 for some imitation goods.. It's not worth it. Hence, i only paid for my 'Gucci' handbag, abang's 'Polo' belt, souvenirs t-shirt for abah and father in-law and some cute coin box for the relatives and colleagues.

Then we head back to hotel, exhausted and frustated that i didn't had time to bargain more and bought that bag for Ida.

After breakfast on the next day, i followed a colleague to the grand 'Imperial Shopping Complex' which sells imported and expensive goods ONLY, to catch my last minute shopping...wahaha.... tengok kedai2 kat dalam tu pun tau tak mampu nak beli...hehehe..Anyway, pegi jugak la, the complex opens at 10am daily, and was supposed to check out at 10.45am to catch our flight home, heheh..tapi mengenangkan, mungkin susah nak datang lagi, so pegi jugakla ke shopping complex tu... As we were walking through and passing Louis Vuitton , the real 'Gucci' as well as Prada outlet, i saw a Guess outlet which was written 'CLEARANCE STOCK ' sale...hehehe Apa lagi....berlari masuk dalam outlet tu... and fortunately and lucky for me, most of the items were 70~90% discount...wohoooo... Plus, if i were to use my Citibank credit card, i'm entitled to additional 5% discount... Yippee... So.. dalam kekalutan (almaklumlah..ada 30 minutes je to shop before check-out...dah laa kena jalan kaki balik hotel lagi)...wahahaha...dapatlah something for my Baby Nurin, her aunty's Ida & Nana's handbag.... last...a bit kotor...biaselah,...dalam bundle..and on clearance sale..

So here are the items :

Ida's bag : Guess original price 4960baht....90+5% = RM24.80

Nana's bag : Guess original price 3900baht....90+5%=RM19.50

Nurin's clothes : 2 pairs of jeans & shirt....

Sampai je Malaysia...happy, exhausted and excited to meet my girl... Tapi ngan sedih nya, baru tinggal 2 hari ngan bibik dia during the day, and ayah during the night, pipi nurin kena gigit nyamuk and her front chest and back kena rashes sebab gatal.. dah laa kepala dia ada kesan scratches and telinga merah sebab gatal....waaaaa...tensennya... baru 2 hari...sedih tengok anak banyak luka...but happy that she's home safely with me...

Nurin nya pipi kesan gigitan nyamuk and kepala yang luka kena garu..warghhhh

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